Ceramic Speed UFO Drip New Formula 180ml

Ceramic Speed UFO Drip New Formula 180ml

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Ceramic Speed UFO Drip New Formula 180ml

UFO Drip Chain Coating is a product for chains that is applied in a liquid form but hardens to a 100% dry chain coating. It generates less friction than most other chain lubes on the market.

New Formula – New Benefits

  • Non-flammable formula is safe for shipping and travel
  • Stable storage between 10*C-30*C
  • Broad application range 5*C-35*C
  • Eliminated Toxic Ingredients
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable Formula


The genius of UFO Drip Chain Coating is that it combines the convenience of a drip application with the friction-beating performance of a completely dry chain coating. So, not only does UFO Drip test faster than every other chain lubricant, it's properties actually rank it in a brand-new category: the liquid-applied but ultimately 100% dry chain coating.

Another benefit of UFO Drip Chain Coating is the fact that the coating closes around the chain in a way that prevents all kinds of contamination your chain is exposed to when riding. Therefore, make sure to clean your chain properly before applying UFO Drip and it will remain clean as long as you continuously apply UFO Drip every 200 km as recommended.


  • First Coating - Apply to a Clean Chain for Optimal Performance and Longevity
  • Apply Between 5*C-35*C
  • Apply directly along chain rollers over the cassette, rotating the chain to coat the full chain minimum
  • twice, allow to dry 8+ hours
  • First Application ~7-8ml
  • Re-Application ~5ml
  • Over 35 Applications per Bottle


  • Clean and Dry Conditions Average 300km/185mi between applications
  • Wet Conditions Average 200-250km/120-155m (always dry bike/chain and reapply to best protect the chain after wet rides)

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