Pirelli Cinturato™ GRAVEL Hard 40-622 Classic -...

Pirelli Cinturato™ GRAVEL Hard 40-622 Classic - Black TLR

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Pirelli Cinturato™ GRAVEL Hard 40-622 Classic - Black

Whether you are approaching gravel riding for racing, bike packing or simply to extend your capability of getting away from the crowded tarmacked roads, the Cinturato™ Gravel range is designed to provide you tyres that roll faster, protect you from flats and allow you to ride safely in all weather conditions. Cinturato™ Gravel also adds the handling and comfort that make Pirelli famous all over the world.

Hard Terrain
The Cinturato Gravel Hard Terrain range was specifically designed for compact, rocky terrain. When riding on these hard surfaces, it is important to have excellent feel when cornering at high speeds without sacrificing smoothness. The result is a packed design with a low tread, perfect for riding at high speeds with a great sense of safety on all compact terrain, be it dry or wet.

Efficiency on dry and wet
The properties of the new SmartGRIP Compound formulation are tailored for all weather conditions, regardless of whether the terrain is dry or wet. The new SpeedGRIP Compound retains the same polymer matrix as the specific mountain bike SmartGRIP rubber formulation, improving the rolling efficiency. The greater need for speed and mileage when riding gravel, with a combination of tarmac, gravel and more aggressive terrain as well as a mix of intended uses – from racing to bike packing – pushed Pirelli technicians to fine tune this new rubber with a view to excellent energy management. The SmartGRIP Compound retains the same high tear resistance as its mountain bike counterpart as well as its high chemical grip, with more efficient energy management, decreasing the rolling resistance to a level very close to pure road racing tyres.

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Tubeless-Ready, Puncture protection
Däckstorlek (Diameter x Bredd): 700 x 40CDäckdimension ETRTO (Bredd x Diameter): 40-622 mmModell: Vikbart, TubelessdäckGummiblandning: Speed gripTjocklek hölje: 127 TPI
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